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Key Benefits

We use the very latest techniques to properly manage projects, including Primavera  and Excel software.   Why is that important?  To minimize risk ... and to complete the project on time and within budget.  In today's competitive market, to survive ... successful companies know it is something they must do ... to ensure their tomorrow.
What are Project Controls ?  Why do we need them?  Through proper planning and use of baseline performance measures, we can take control of the project to keep it on track ... Things like productivity and cost can be measured while managing the project scope and schedule.
Have you ever been involved in a project that has encountered change?   Did you feel in control?  Changes on projects are common ... At times, some companies just hope they aren't being taken advantage of ... And they know that they have to take someone else's word for it .... But, there are alternatives and we can help show you what they are.
Have you ever had a disagreement or conflict on a project that had the potential of affecting your company and employees?  We can help.


We are capable of providing a wide range of project management services and can include:

Project Management on-site visits to monitor project progress.  
Project Control
We offer a wide range of project control services.  These include the use of the latest project management software, to measure project baselines, like:
  • - budgeted (estimated) cost vs. actual cost,
  • - baseline schedule vs. actual (tracking every major schedule shift, using targets),
  • - variance (cost, unit, schedule),
  • - earned value.
Change Management
Using project management software, we can help you manage change on your project ... when it occurred, how it affected the schedule and cost ... to position you for answering future questions like 'was it a legitimate request for extra time and funding to complete the work?'
Conflict Resolution
We can help analyze the project problem you have, and if necessary, assist you and your legal team by reconstructing important schedule and cost information for your case.   With your historical information, we can build a project schedule even after significant progress on the project has already occurred.  We can then analyze the schedule variance ... and things like project cost, cost variance and earned value too.
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