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Utility Project by the hour
  • Master Schedule
    The Master Schedule shows all of the activities involved for your project.   The CPM (Critical Path Method) activity bars are normally shown in red.   The activity bars with float are green.  And Progress is defined with blue bars.
  • Responsibility Schedule
    The Responsibility Schedule builds on the CPM Master Schedule ... and shows who is responsible for each activity.  These can be grouped by individual, department, phase, project, etc.  It is important to note, that not just one project has to be shown at a time ... all of the projects, resources and cash flows can also be shown.
  • PERT Schedule
    The view help you evaluate, track and adjust your network logic.  It's a great tool.
  • Resource Report
    Check on your the allocation and status of project resources.  Are you 'redlined?'  You can determine if you have what it takes to complete the project on time.  After all, project management requires scheduling, but it is much, much more.   We suggest, as the three minimum project baselines, that you control the project schedule, resources and scope.
  • Budget vs. Actual ... Variance ...  Earned Value ... and More ......
    Know where you stand on the budget.  Do you have a notable difference between what you planned and where you are 'today?'
  • Cash Flow
    Make projections of you project cash flow ... you can take it to the bank.
  • Status Report can be posted too!
    A weekly or monthly status report discussed things like meetings held and their minutes, problems encountered and problem resolution, general information to the stakeholders and project team members.


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