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Value - Benefit - Cost

Value to you in the services and products we provide.

Benefit to you through our knowledge and supportive working relationship.

Cost effective programs, products, solutions and services to assure your project success.

We are the CM, PM & IT experts  ... We Work On Projects Every Day!

hold the edge on the competition ... let us help you widen the gap to position you as a leader in your field ...

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RedBird Corporation is a Leading professional management, consulting and training firm specializing in the area of Project Management. We offer professional management services with an emphasis in project control, project web development, project & construction management, scheduling, software and training.

RedBird Corporation. ...

    Professional Services since 1998
    Experienced project professionals
    Primavera Service Partner (PSP)   Primavera Systems
    Project Management Professionals (PMP)   Project Management Institute
    Certified Professional Constructors   (CPC)   American Institute of Constructors
    Oracle Primavera? Certified Trainer Certification
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Staff with degrees in Management, Construction and Engineering

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