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What Happened to SureTrak and Primavera  P3

Q. What happened to Primavera P3 and Primavera SureTrak?  
A. Oracle Primavera stopped the sale of P3 and SureTrak on December 31, 2010.  
Q. Both of these programs have been used for years by the AEC industry.  What is being used now?  
A. Oracle Primavera now offers Primavera P6 as a possible replacement for P3 and P6 or Contractor as a possible replacement for SureTrak.  
Q. Our company has been using SureTrak for all of our projects.  It has been required on some projects by the Owner.  Can we continue to use SureTrak?  
A. Yes, you can continue to use SureTrak for your own projects.  Owners may start requiring the use of other project management software in the future.  Some alternatives may be Contractor, P6, or other products offered by other vendors.  
Q. We have found that SureTrak has fit our every need for scheduling and resource management.  We are a mid-sized contractor and know that purchasing new software and obtaining training is too expensive to consider right now.  Why did Oracle Primavera stop offering SureTrak when so many contractors are struggling to make it right now?  
A. RedBird will continue to support our clients with training and consulting for SureTrak and P3.  Some minor issues exist using these products with Windows 7.  Please check directly with Oracle Primavera for possible answers to your question.  
  Please email us with your questions.  We will try to provide answers if possible.  
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