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Contact Us  to order or order on-line.  Payment by check or PayPal.  PayPal invoice can be sent to you normally the same day of  your order.  We will process your order as soon as received and provide details on how to download your software from Oracle immediately after payment has been PayPal verified.  That means you can get started right away.


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Primavera Contractor® is a project management tool built to get you started right out of the box.  Intuitive navigation will allow you to begin planning, scheduling and controlling your project faster than you thought possible. Please note that there is now only one version of Contractor Primavera Contractor Brochure

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Primavera® P6 - Project Planner Enterprise for Engineering and Construction
Primavera Contractor
Expedition® (Contract Manager) Contract Control
Primavera® Project Planner
SureTrak® Project Manager
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Primavera Project Planner    Return
DISCONTINUED - Primavera Project Planner gives today's project managers and schedulers the one thing they value most: control. It is the clear choice of project professionals in industry after industry: engineering, construction, architecture, utilities, information systems and technology, R&D, manufacturing. P3® is the recognized standard for high end, high performance project software.  P3 Brochure


















Primavera Project Planner Enterprise 6.0 for Engineering and Construction    Return
Primavera P6 is comprehensive, multi-project planning and control software, built on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server relational databases for enterprise-wide project management scalability. P6 can stand alone for project and resource management, or it can be used in conjunction with other Primavera products to consolidate decentralized project plans for ongoing cross-project analysis and insight. No other product provides this complete picture of all your projects--from summaries by cost account and global resource breakdown structures, to proactive control of project issues and risks. P6’s straightforward interface ensures that it is easy to learn and use. Rich analysis and reporting capabilities are complemented by an extensive Project Website and companion products for making visible the progress made on your projects.  P6 Engineering and Construction Brochure
















SureTrak Project Manager    Return
DISCONTINUED - SureTrak Project Manager is the perfect combination of ease-of-use, power and affordability. It is ideal for resource planning and control on small-to medium-sized projects. Simple planning. Easy updating. Streamlined analysis, reporting and graphics. Finally, here is project management software that anyone can use. Powerful, user-friendly and affordable!  SureTrak Brochure
















Expedition Contract (Contract Manager) Control    Return
A complete project control system, Expedition delivers solutions to answer the demands of multi-user, multi-project and multi-site environments. Using a client/server database it ties together all of your project details to promote fast and accurate decision-making. Through its design review and submittal functionality, Expedition helps ensure all materials necessary for a project are designed, specified, ordered and delivered on time to avoid delays. Contract Manager - Expedition Brochure
















Primavera Contractor    Return
Primavera Contractor is a project management tool built to get you started right out of the box.  Intuitive navigation will allow you to begin planning, scheduling and controlling your project faster than you thought possible.  Primavera Contractor Brochure












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